Listen to what amateurs and pros alike say about Scriptware. And see the ever-growing list of Scriptware users and productions.

The best program available for scriptwriting.
(the only program to get a complete 4-star rating!)
- the Journal - of the Writers Guild of America, west

Freakin' Awesome!
MacAddict Magazine

Scriptware is the best program for scriptwriting, period.
-Hy Bender, Essential Software for Writers,
Writer's Digest Books

The most flexible. Powerful. Excellent! (the only scriptwriting program rated "Excellent")
-Writer's Digest, January 1995

The other programs hardly compare to Scriptware.
-New York Screenwriter, April 1995

The only scripts I've sold are the one's I wrote with Scriptware.
-Steve Oedekerk, Ace Ventura,
When Nature Calls

With Scriptware, all you do is write. No futzing with your computer. The best.
-Lawrence Hertzog, TV writer/producer

Nothing comes close to Scriptware.
-Peter Coyote, Actor/Writer

Amazing and easy. Scriptware is freedom to write.
-George Heinrich,
1994 Nicholl Fellowship winner

I've never written scripts faster or easier than with Scriptware. And I've been doing this for longer than I care to admit.
-Kathy Muraviov, Script Services Supervisor,
Universal City Studios

We recommend this program highly to both new and experienced playwrights. Changing to Scriptware is like changing from a stick shift to automatic; you can focus on where you're going instead of the mechanics that make the trip possible.
-Stephen Peithman, Stage Directions

Scriptware is a fast, accessible creative program.
-Richard La Gravenese, screenwriter,
The Fisher King

Terrific. It's so easy to use it's unbelievable.
-Lee Pratt, screenwriter

The most wonderful program on the market.
-Anna-Catherine Sedgikoski,

Using Scriptware is a breeze. I no longer dread facing a blank computer screen. I've written two features and four one-hour TV episodes in 3 months! The greatest tool for writers since Aristotle's Poetics.
-Shawn Michael Maus, screenwriter

I've spent year attempting to write and getting frustrated after five or six pages. I bought Scriptware five months ago and have just completed my first script!
-John Eder, screenwriter

Scriptware Film productions include:
The Boxer
Les Miserables
GI Jane
Nutty Professor
Nothing to Lose
Leaving Las Vegas
Murder in the First
Last Dance
City Slickers 2
Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls
Two if by Sea

Scriptware TV productions include:

The X-Files
Veronica's Closet
Love Boat II
Touched by an Angel
Caroline in the City
Deep Space 9
Party of Five
Murphy Brown
Everybody Loves Raymond
Jamie Fox Show
Earth:Final Conflict
George and Leo
All Fired Up
Night Man
Tracy Ullman Show
Nash Bridges
In The House
Union Square
Jerry Springer Show
Diagnosis Murder
The Sentinel
The Practice
The Single Guy
Night Stand
Family Matters
Step By Step