Here are the most common questions we get about Scriptware... and the most common answers we give. If you want to know about system requirements, pricing and more, you're in the right place. Don't forget to check the overview and sample pages, or download our demo for a deeper look into the best-selling scriptwriting software you can buy.


Is script formatting
really that important?
YES! If your script isn't in the proper format, the odds are it'll end up in the trash instead of being read! Why? Because professional script readers have hundreds of scripts to read. And they think that if your script isn't in a professional format, the writing won't be up to professional standards either.

Does Scriptware need
some other program,
like Word or
No. Scriptware is a "stand-alone" program. If you write scripts, Scriptware is all you need. And Scriptware will also let you write other things like memos, letters, and award acceptance speeches. Because Scriptware is designed specifically for script writing, it has special features that other word processors only dream of, like the following:
Notes. Put electronic notes in your script. Have these appear on your screen or hide them. Print them with your script or not. Or print a report of all your notes.

Scene Shuffle. Rearrange your script as if it were on index cards.

Instant Title page creation. Just change the title and you're ready to print.

Special Numbering. Scriptware handles confusing scene and act numbering automatically!

Revision Tracking. If your script is in production, Scriptware takes care of "A" and "B" pages and scenes, "Omitted" pages and scenes and revision marks for you. And then you can print *just* the revised pages.

Easy format changes and switches. Make your dialogue margins wider? Takes a second. Turn your play script into a TV script? Another couple seconds.

Why can't I just use a
regular word processor
like Word or
WordPerfect to write
You could... But you'll be wasting your creative time and energy. Regular word processors can handle *some* of a script's formatting needs (like margin changes) with a little bit of effort by using macros or other special keystrokes. But a regular word processor *can't* handle the more complicated and time consuming formatting demands like page breaking. So, if you use a regular word processor for script writing, you'll need to use macros as you write (which can interfere with your creative flow) and then you'll have to check each page to make sure the page breaks are proper.

If Scriptware doesn't
use macros, then how
does it know what to do?
It knows what to do because Scriptware understands scripts and scriptwriters. With Scriptware, all you need are your pinkies and the Tab and Enter keys. Scriptware thinks like a typewriter... but much smarter. For example, to type a character name and dialogue, here's all that you have to do with Scriptware: Press the Tab key one time. Scriptware puts the cursor in the proper location for character names and it pops up a list of every character in your script. You press the first letter of the name of the character you want and Scriptware puts in the entire name, in caps, just like the studios want. Then, to go down to the character's dialogue, just press Enter. Scriptware changes the margins and spacing for you automatically, so as you type, you're in the industry-accepted dialogue margins. That's it! Tab, Enter, and type! And if the dialogue had to break across a page... Scriptware handles that automatically!

What's so special about
the page breaks?

Here an example of a script pagination rule: If a character's dialogue is going to break across a page, it can only break after 2 or more lines, at the end of a sentence. When you break it, put the word "more" in parenthesis on the line following the dialogue and then, on the next page, insert the character's name followed by "(CONT'D) before the continuing dialogue. Now imagine going through your script to make sure those page breaks are correct and then realizing you need to cut half of page 3. You'd have to change or check the page breaks for every page from 3 to the end of your script! This could take hours with a regular word processor.

How does Scriptware
handle the page breaks?

Automatically, instantly, as you write, and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Scriptware perfectly paginates your script on the fly following all the proper rules, like the one above. And if you make a change to page 1, Scriptware updates the page breaks in the entire script for you. Your script is always perfectly formatted, ready to print sumbit and sell!

Does Scriptware have a
spell checker?

Yup. A 120,000+ word spell check and thesaurus (that gives you not just synonyms, but antonyms and related words as well).

What if I have scripts
that I wrote in another

You can Import them into Scriptware. And they'll come in with the proper formatting and page breaks. The easy-to-read User's Manual tells you the best way to get the scripts you've already written from the original program into Scriptware.

What makes Scriptware
better than the other

Let's answer that with a few facts. Scriptware is the best selling script writing word processor for the PC. At stores that demonstrate every program available, Scriptware outsells them all by a longshot. Universal Studios tested all the differest packages, stand-alones *and* add-ons, and they found Scriptware the easiest and best-suited to their needs. Some of our users say that they find Scriptware's typing system the most intuitive and natural, they like our well staffed and knowledgeable technical support, and they respect that Scriptware has been the inovation leader in scriptwriting software. Scriptware also has dozens of features and formats you won't find in other programs.

Are any famous people
using Scriptware?

Hundreds! Want to see some?

Does Scriptware analyze
my story or tell me
things like "here's
what's supposed to
happen on page 15?"

No. There are books, classes and other software programs that can help you with that. Scriptware just makes it so that when you sit down to write, your creative juices flow faster and easier and you never have to worry about formatting.

Is Scriptware available
for the MAC or PC?

You can get Scriptware for Windows and Macintosh.

What kind of computer
do I need to use

If you own a relatively new IBM compatible computer, you've got what it takes. For Scriptware for Windows, we recomemend at least an 80486 at 66 MhZ or better, 4 Meg of RAM and 4 Meg of free hard drive space. Scriptware for Mac needs 8 Meg of RAM, 10 Meg of hard drive space, System 7.1 or better and a 68030 processor, or better.

Does it come on

Yes, it does.

What's the difference
between the Windows
and Mac versions
of Scriptware?

When you're typing away, basically none. All the programs use Scriptware's unique Tab and Enter typing system to get the story out of your head and onto the page faster than ever! Scriptware for Mac does not have the dual-column AV format at this time.

How can I tell if I really
want it?

If we haven't convinced you already that Scriptware will unleash your creativity, you can download our demo here online or you can take the easier route: Order Scriptware today and use it for 30 days with our guarantee. If Scriptware doesn't suit your needs, call us up and return the program. We'll graciously refund the purchase price (honestly, we don't do this very often... but you won't get a hard time about it if you need to).

What if I have questions
or problems?

Just call our technical support staff. Unlike most software companies, we don't charge you by the minute. It just costs you the price of a call to talk with our trained and well-staffed support technicians. They're available from 9-5 Mountain time (8-4 Pacific or 11-7 Eastern), Monday thru Friday. We also have a number of Scriptware trainers around the country who can assist you.

Does it cost a lot?
No. You can get Scriptware for as little as $99.95. Think about this: If you value your time at anything more than minimum wage, you'll probably save enough on your first script for Scriptware to pay for itself. Many Scriptware writers say they're getting scripts done up to 50% faster than before! Part of this savings is the speed and ease you have typing with Scriptware. The other part of the savings is that once you're done typing, you're done! Scriptware did the rest. When you do the math, that can be up to two weeks worth of time saved! Would you rather spend two weeks struggling with script format or having a two week vacation?

Where can I get it?
You can buy Scriptware directly from us or from the various dealers and catalogs that sell Scriptware.

Will using Scriptware
guarantee that I sell
my scripts?

Even though Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls) has never sold a script that he hasn't written with Scriptware, we can't say that using Scriptware will sell your scripts. But, Scriptware will make it so that your script doesn't get trashed because it doesn't look professional.

Will Scriptware write
my scripts for me?

Yeah, right.

Is my email and other
info safe with you?

We are 100% committed to your privacy and do not share your personal information with ANYONE. And, you won't be getting tons of email from us either... just announcements about upgrades to the program when they're available.